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02/01 - 04/30

Cou: Mayasvi

02/20 - 03/10

Saaroa: Miatungusu

Rituals and Ceremonies


Through the ritual of mayasvi, the Cou people go through a series of rituals to express their gratitude to and commemoration of ancestors. It is the time to learn the proper code of ethics and form solidarity within the community.

04/01 - 05/31

Bunun: Malahtangia

04/01 - 04/30

Rukai: Titiudale

04/20 - 05/18

Saisiyat: 'oemowaz ka kawas

Rituals and Ceremonies


Malahtangia, Ear-shooting Ritual, the largest ritual in the year in scale. Elders in the family will blow air at children's ears to dispel dahpa (sickness) followed by guiding children to shoot at deer ears as a symbol of reaching maturity at this stage.

05/01 - 06/30

Yami: meypyapyavehan

Rituals and Ceremonies


The Harvest Ritual is sometimes known as the Good Moon Festival, when Yami people gift one another their bountiful harvest, exchanging resources and caring for one another culturally.

07/01 - 09/30

Amis: Malalikit / Malikoda / Ilisin / Kiloma'an

07/01 - 08/31

Atayal: Ryax Smqas Hnuway Utux Kayal

07/01 - 08/31

Rukai: Tabesengane

07/01 - 08/31

Rukai: Kalabecengane

07/01 - 09/15

Paiwan: Masalut / Masuvaqu

07/01 - 08/31

Cou: Homeyaya

07/10 - 08/31

Kavalan: Qataban

Rituals and Ceremonies

Malalikit / Malikoda / llisin / Kiloma'an

The Harvest Ceremony is held to commemorate ancestors and to worship Heaven. It is mainly an ethical education event for age class training and the coming of age ceremony.

08/01 - 09/30

Sakizaya: malalikid / ilisin

Rituals and Ceremonies

malalikid / ilisin

The annual Lalikid is related to the harvest of crops and the acceptance of the training results of the age class. The ceremony also has the meaning of inheriting the past and ushering in the future.

09/14 - 10/14

Thao: Lus'an

Rituals and Ceremonies


Lus'an, Ancestral Spirit Ritual, is also known as the year-changing ritual, an important ritual of the Thao in welcoming the new year when they chant and sing to please the ancestral spirits and to solidify their ethnic identity.

10/01 - 10/30

Truku: Mgay Bari

10/01 - 10/31

Rukai: Ta'avalra

10/01 - 10/31

Kanakanavu: Mikongu

10/01 - 10/15

Sakizaya: Palamal

Rituals and Ceremonies

Mgay Bari

The Thanksgiving Ceremony is held to thank the ancestral spirits for the harvest, and to pray for peace and good health for the family. The song and dance shapes identity for the people and strengthens their ethnic confidence.

12/15 - 01/05

Pinuyumayan: 'Amiyan

12/20 - 02/18

Atayal: smyatu

12/20 - 01/05

Sediq: smratuc

Rituals and Ceremonies


Mangayaw, also known as the Hunting Ceremony. Originally meant as a show of force, youth who have completed the mangayaw training means they have come of age.

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